About Us

You no longer need to be a brain surgeon to cure ineffective time and labor management. You just need HourDoc.com.

HourDoc.com was born from our own need for a simpler, more effective time and labor management solution. A few years back, we were shopping for a system and became frustrated by the existing products on the market. Not only were they clunky and expensive, but they didn’t meet the needs of a growing business. That’s when we decided to build a better mousetrap.

The result is HourDoc.com – a straightforward SaaS solution that delivers enterprise-class features and functionality without the complexity or expense. HourDoc.com is scalable, so it can grow as your business grows, and its intuitive user-interface provides managers and employees quick and easy access to a full suite of online self-service tools that minimize organizational inefficiencies and optimize individual autonomy and accountability.

Vital Stats

4801 Woodway, suite 210
Houston, Texas ZIP

Date Founded:
May 2003

Dan Smith – President
Anthony Grijalva – Vice President

John W. Allen
Anthony Grijalva
Antonio Grijalva
Claude Smith
Daniel Smith

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