New Tablet PCs

It has been awhile since we have posted to our blog page. New to the technology world is the old idea of tablet PCs. At HourDoc, we have been looking at them as a great clock device option. They have wireless and they have the ability to allow employees to login into their sites to take a look at information. We posted a poll on the front page, www.hourdoc.com to ask this question of our users, would you use a tablet as a clock device in your work area. Let us know!

Does Revamping Your IT System Scare You?

Okay, so we’ve all heard the horror stories of spending an inordinate amount of money to restructure, recreate or revamp an existing system only to discover that you’ve only made the situation worse. Well, here is one of those such stories that I found today...

How Do We Save Time?

Time is something we cannot master. We can monitor it and measure it, but we are helpless and cannot stop it. We can watch it and sometimes it even “flies” but despite all of our technological advancements, we still are helpless to cease its endless march forward. We can “kill time” but never can we create time.

Interesting, once you think about it enough, right?

How Tired Are You And How Easy Is It To Make A Mistake?

Face it. When I’m tired, I make mistakes. Our brains need sleep or “time down” when conducting important duties, especially those that involve mathematics or other calculations. There is no doubt about it, we all have interesting ways of staying alert in order to avoid mistakes.

Performing payroll involves a huge amount of mental focus. If they say “the devil is in the details,” then certainly payroll involves plenty of the devil’s time. lol

Equal Pay Legislation Making Its Way To Law

I ran across this news item today and for all of you associated with HR issues, this may be of some interest. You see with a Democratic controlled White House, Senate and House of Representatives we will probably see more legislation like this coming down the pike. It will be very important for American HR departments to keep up on issues such as these and to be aware it is happening.

Cutting off the nose to spite the face?

How many executives out there are looking at eliminating employees through a basic “head count” approach rather than taking a longer and deeper look into the subject? Odds are you may be doing the very same thing and not realize the repercussions you could be facing much further down the road.

Did you know?

So I learned something very interesting the other day. It may not seem like much, but for those of you who are concerned about using about older time and attendance systems like punch cards or paper timesheets that can either be lost or destroyed by fire, flooding or accident, you could be like some companies out there that can be unwittingly be opening the door for disaster...

Happy New Year

So what goals are we going to set this year?

Me? Well, I’m fat—yep. Acceptance is the first step now, isn’t it? So I’m going to eat better, get outdoors and perhaps snowshoe a bit or ski in order to keep myself somewhat in shape during the winter months. Yes, need to work on that and actually keep doing it further than in April, when I suddenly give up and can be found sitting on my sofa, watching Oprah and eating Krispy Kreme donuts like they were M&Ms.

When is 40 hours, not "40 hours?"

Okay, so gone are the days of “Ward and June Cleaver” where father returns at precisely 5:09 pm from his 9 - 5 job, kissing his eagerly waiting perfect wife and charming kids, and later sits down at the table for dinner precisely at 5:30 pm…

Text Me!

Okay, so like the movie Star Wars, I grew up “a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.” (Well, perhaps not the whole “galaxy” part, but a long time ago will suffice for this example…)

Texting has definitely become all the rage—especially with teenagers who use their cell phones like the communicators that Captain Kirk would use to call Scotty in the Enterprise. But back in reality, there the teenagers sit—frantically punching away at the little keypad like a cat going after a mouse in its hole.