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At HourDoc.com, we believe that the right treatment for time and labor management processes has to be an easy-to-administer and affordable solution for supervisors, employees and HR and payroll managers. Click the different people above to learn how HourDoc.com treats each user groups’s unique condition.

As a proven software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, HourDoc.com is easy to set up, easy to use and easy to ramp up as your business grows. Better still, HourDoc.com replaces manual time tracking and reporting processes that are often difficult to use or tedious to maintain. With a robust online interface, HourDoc.com allows more accurate and efficient time tracking and reporting and provides greater transparency into work patterns for more strategic scheduling and labor management.

An inflated price tag often accompanies advanced technology, but HourDoc.com remains extremely affordable for companies of all sizes. We DO NOT charge implementation fees or license fees for our services. For a low per-employee per-month (PEPM), your company can have the best in time and labor management.

Best of all, HourDoc.com offers specially-designed service applications and sophisticated functionality to meet the distinct requirements of each specific user group – supervisors, employees, and of course, HR and payroll managers. To learn more, scan the complete list of HourDoc.com’s features below and click the links to learn more.