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When deciding from among a group of job applicants, few companies consider a candidate’s ability to punch a time clock or submit a timesheet – that’s just not a critical skill, so the process of tracking time shouldn’t be a drain on your employees’ valuable time.

HourDoc.com offers employees a suite of straightforward, user-friendly tools to monitor and submit their time, request shift changes or time off, and update and maintain certain personal employee records.  Through HourDoc.com’s online time tracking tools and advanced employee self-service features, employees have the opportunity to enjoy greater flexibility and to demonstrate more responsibility and autonomy.

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  • Web Clock-in / Clock-out – HourDoc.com’s advanced technology allows employees to clock in or out from any assigned computer, a specific IP-restricted site, or even from a cell phone or PDA, so your staff can work more dynamically and enjoy greater flexibility.
  • Day Off Request Function – HourDoc.com’s Day-Off Request function replaces error-ridden paper or verbal request processes and allows for better coordination on the part of managers.
  • “Shift Swapping” Management – HourDoc.com’s online shift swapping tool allows employees to swap shiftswithout the pain of countless phone calls or the risk of miscommunication  – and with  the ability to approve requested shift changes and access to up-to-the-minute shift assignments, managers can be assured that shifts are appropriately covered.
  • PTO, Vacation and Sick Leave Tracking – HourDoc.com’s web-based time and attendance platform allows employees to submit, and managers to approve or deny, time off requests in real-time and on-demand.  With HourDoc.com, employees realize greater autonomy and accountability because they can monitor and manage their own PTO, vacation, sick, or FMLA time.
  • Overtime Tracking – HourDoc.com’s intelligent technology automatically tracks overtime hours as your employees clock in and out of the system.
  • Employee/Manager Self Service – HourDoc.com offers employees and managers a self-service capability so they can effortlessly and independently manage and maintain personal job-related tasks.
  • Certification/Skills Notification – Customize HourDoc.com to alert managers and employees via email of certification deadlines or pending training requirements.